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Remembering Dad

Having written not only one, but two blog posts about my grandfather, the second generation of our family business, literally on the day of his passing, I expected that I would be able to do the same about my dad, who I was blessed to work with almost every day for 19 years, and who passed away unexpectedly on Nov. 24, 2022.

But those words just won’t come – at least not yet.

Thankfully, words DID come at his Celebration of Life service, when we marked his passing with family, friends, church and community. So instead of waiting for what won’t come, I’m going to share here what already has been.

I pray it helps you remember Dad, or, if you weren’t privileged to know him, feel a bit more like you did.

Dad loved telling stories, and so after the service we thought it fitting marked his passing by telling some of our own!

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