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‘Our Kids Will Not Believe Humans Ever Drove Cars’

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Do you remember a time before the internet, and a time before television? Now answer the same question for your parents. And do it again for your children.

Carl Bass, chief executive of software design group Autodesk ADSK -0.26% believes the same query will one day be posed about driverless cars.

“It will definitely happen,” he says.

We are as human beings particularly bad at driving. The range of human performance at driving is enormous. If you take Formula One drivers, they are superb athletes who can do things with a car that you and I can’t imagine and if you take a distracted person texting with a kid in the back seat screaming, we are absolutely awful drivers.

We don’t really ever say it to each other but we literally kill thousands of people every year by driving. I think we will soon come to the conclusion that computers can drive cars way more safely than humans come. Fifty years from now, our kids and grandkids are going to look back and say: ‘I can’t believe they actually drove their own car’ back then’. It will become so routine.


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