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7 Tips to Avoid Pothole Damage

Every year, as temperatures fluctuate between the deep freeze of winter and the thaw of spring in many areas of the country, the roads can quickly become pockmarked with holes (big and small) that can cause great damage to your car and tires. According to CBS News, AAA estimates that consumers typically spend $5 billion a year on repairs stemming from pothole damage. This phenomenon isn’t new, but with this year’s polar vortex, it certainly is starting to feel like we’ve reached a whole new level in this pothole plague.

Hitting a pothole with your car can cause a great deal of damage to your car, particularly to the tires, rims, suspension and chassis. Because of this, it’s imperative that you take the proper precautions to keep your car out of harm’s way. Obviously, your best course of action is to avoid hitting any potholes; however, that’s not always possible. Keep these seven tips in mind to help minimize vehicle damage:


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