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Car Care Tips for Summer Drivers

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There is little denying that summers can take a toll on your car. So here’s a list of tips to help your car beat the heat.

1. Essential Checklist:

a. People often tend to be overlook the condition of their car’s tires. An under-inflated tire tends to protrude and put unnecessary pressure on the sidewalls that can cause the tire to eventually blow. On the other hand, an over-inflated tire lead to lack of grip.

b. Other than tire pressure, car owners must also check for worn-out treads. You can either use a tire tread depth gauge or use a penny to check if the depth is within the advised limits.

c. Check the car’s oil, for it not only helps the engine run, but also keeps its parts clean and cool.

d. A car’s air conditioning is of paramount importance in the summers, thus it is essential to get it checked annually.

e. The heat does not only make it arduous to cool the car, but can also cause cosmetic damage. Thus, it is important to park your car in a covered spot.


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