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Car care during winter temperatures

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Winter is hard on cars. The following tips can help your vehicle (or even you!) last longer through harsh cold weather conditions…

  • Let your car warm up before you begin driving. Allow your vehicle to warm up two to three minutes before taking off.
  • Have a trusted car repair facility check your anti-freeze to ensure it’s good.
  • Check for proper air pressure in tires, and if you need tires, change them so you have good traction for the winter.
  • Replace your windshield wipers & fill your washer fluid jar with a fluid that contains anti-freeze.
  • Repair any large chips in the windshield. If you don’t, when you turn on your defroster, a stone chip can turn into a major crack necessitating an expensive new windshield.
  • Have your brakes checked before the roads get slick.
  • Check for a leaky exhaust. If an automobile has an exhaust leak it can be life threatening, especially if you are stuck somewhere and forced to sit in a running vehicle for a lengthy time period waiting for help to arrive.
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